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 How To Download & Install Windows Live Mail

In this article we are going to tell you how can you easily download and Install Windows Live Mail in Your Computer, Laptop or Desktop.Here you will Find  link to Download  and Install Windows Live Mail in your Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and on Windows 10.

To Download Windows Live Mail You Need To First Download And Install Windows Essential’s Installation Package.

What is Windows Essential’s And How To Download ?

Window’s essential’s is a part of Microsoft Family Product Software suite that contains many useful tools such as Live Mail,  Photo Editor, Movie Maker, Live Writer and Microsoft One Drive.But If you just only want to install  Mail part then after installing the Essentials you will be asked  for which package of  program of  you want to install.

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Overview of  Essential’s.

Photo Gallery : Essentials come’s with default photo gallery with the help of that you can easily edit, reload,refresh modify your photo’s.

Movie Maker : Movie Maker is also a very useful and handy tool’s to create beautiful movie’s from photo’s, Video’s and all.

Live Editor : Live Editor is also one of the important tool from Microsoft with the help of Live Editor you can easily edit your blog’s and

Windows Live Mail : Windows Live Mail is one of the most important part of Essential’s with the help of that you can easily send and receive message’s.

One Drive : Microsoft One Drive is online storage that is freely provided by Microsoft with the help of One Drive you can store your personal information on Cloud.

 Learn How To Install Windows Live Mail

In this article we are going to tell you How can you easily Install Windows Live Mail  On Windows 7,  8,  10 Computer, If you are having any problem while installing the software then you can easily contact Windows Live Mail Customer Service and support department.

Step 1 First you need To Download  Essential’s  on Your Computer According To Your Computer Operating System.

Download And Install Windows Live Mail on Windows 10

Download And Install Windows Live Mail on Windows 8.

Download And Install Windows Live Mail on Windows 7

Once your Download is complete then please follow our next step’s that How To install Essential’s.

Step 2: Once Your Download is Complete then you will get an box that will ask you How do you want to proceed?

1 Download Essential’s Complete Package ( Recommended)

2 Download Essential’s Manual Package.

If you  choose Manual Package then you can select which program you want to install as a package it can be Live Mail, Photo Editor, One Drive, Movie Maker And Live Editor.

Step 3 Then just click on Next And Continue.

Step 4  In Next Step You Need To Configure Your Account.

That’s How You can Easily Download and Install Windows Live Mail on Windows 10, 8 and 7 computer. The next step is How can you Configure your live Mail on Different-Different Platform Such As How To Configure Windows Live Mail For Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, Roadrunner,  Time Warner, Yahoo, Outlook, Msn Etc.

If You Do Not Know How To Configure Your Account You Can Call 1-828-668-2992  For Windows Live Mail Help And Support.

General Problems While Installing Windows Live Mail And There Solution.


When you are installing your software then sometime you will face some problem’s.The most common symptoms is your software start hanging or stop responding with the server and then you are not able to complete your installation and you will get an error installation is not completed and then you will get an error with that. If your installation is not complete then please match this with  our error code list to find the solution for that otherwise you can contact our support number.


Here is some list of cause that probably will tell what file or software is cause this here is the list of possible Cause’s.

  1. Your Laptop or Computer is not compatible  the version of software you are trying to Download or Install.
  2. You are logged into that profile that do not have admin right’s. If it is so please switch your account to administrator account or contact your administrator department for that.
  3. It can also possible that you already has an old version and that is stopping your new file to run if it is so please remove your older version of software from the control.
  4. You do not have file permission to load this file that can possible if any other software or application oversight your software.
  5. Any security antivirus protection is blocking your software to run.
  6. The installation software is not able compile all the missing component’s


Computer Compatibility Test
  • The very first step you need to know that weather your computer is compatible with the version of software that your are installing or now in this article we are going to tell you how can you verify weather or not your software is compatible.
  • To verify computer compatible mode testing please visit this link :
Check If you are login as a Admin or Not.

If you are not login as a admin then you will face the problem while installing the software on your computer.In this topic we will cover How can you open your laptop or computer as a admin.

  1. Press the Start Button of your computer then type File Explorer.
  2. Please Right Click on the File Explorer panel
  3. Then you will see computer name, domain and work group setting’s.
  4. Click on the change settings and if you know the admin password then you can switch your computer or laptop into admin mode.

But if you are already login as Admin account then you do not need to change your settings.

Uninstall The Older Version From The Computer.
  1. Open Your Computer Search Console.
  2. Then Type and search for your program.
  3. If at any instant any of the service is installed such as Editor, Movie Maker, Mail.
  4. Then Open your control panel and uninstall it.