Pop Up windows message "This computer is not running genuine windows "

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This is the message that was returned after i pasted your command instructions.

Thank you

Murray Gula

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C:>REG QUERY HKLMSOFTWAREClassesTypeLib{EE574957-4077-4AD6-8658-327C2C86C5A
A} /S
ERROR: The system was unable to find the specified regi
C:>REG QUERY HKLMSOFTWAREClassesWow6432NodeTypeLib{EE574957-4077-4AD6-8658
-327C2C86C5AA} /S
ERROR: The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value.
C:>REG QUERY HKLMSOFTWAREClassesTypeLib{EE574957-4077-4AD6-8658-327C2C86C5A
A} /S
ERROR: The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value.
C:>REG QUERY HKLMSOFTWAREWow6432NodeClassesTypeLib{EE574957-4077-4AD6-8658
-327C2C86C5AA} /S
ERROR: The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value.

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Installing salesforce for outlook, .net framework 4.6.2 stopping install


I am trying to install Salesforce for outlook on a coworkers computer, I have done so for 4 other coworkers with no problems, and I keep getting to the part where it tries to install .net framework 4.5.2 and it fails. The error says that I already have 4.5.2
or new version of .net framework installed, which is true since 4.6.2 is installed on the computer. The problem is that I cant uninstall 4.6.2 or even just revert back to 4.5.1 so that the install can go through. I have tried using the .net framework cleanup
tool and it didn’t seem to even get rid of the .net framework on the computer. I have also tried to find the .net framework update and uninstall it but it doesn’t show up when I go to installed updates. If anyone has found a work around for this or knows how
to uninstall .net framework that would be great. If you think I missed a step in the cleanup tool or in the installed updates removal please let me know and I will try going through it again with your guidance.

Also I am working on windows 10 and a dell Latitude E5550

Thank you,


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Comparing Existence of a File.


I have countless files on two of my external drives that have similar names and/or contents. They are spread all over the drives in different folders. If I start comparing them manually, it will take me years, if not months.

Is there a utility built into Windows Vista Home Premium or is there a software that can compare contents of the two drives and

1. List the files with duplicate names

2. List the files with duplicate content

3. Sync two folders so that both have the same content?

I thank you for the time you’ve spent scanning this post and hope someone will be able to help.

Looking forward

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Windows 10 Anniversary Update results in Recovery screen

My current version of Windows is still at 1511, before the Anniversary Edition (1607).

On a few occasions I have encountered my PC sitting at System Recovery, it asks for the keyboard layout and continues to the regular System Recovery menu, I just choose to shutdown the PC and then restart normally and it appears normal.

On investigation I discovered this was being caused by the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, I attempted to install this manually, it goes though the update sequence but when it reboots the System Recovery as before, asking for the keyboard layout first.

I did attempt a System Repair but that just wiped my boot loader and I spent the next few days getting it back, so I wont be doing that again!

Windows stubbornly remains on version 1511, and Windows Update reports my system is up-to-date.

There is nothing in the Windows Update history or events to indicate that an update took place or was attempted, I have no error codes or any evidence, it may be the case the update has automatically rolled back and this information is now lost.

Any suggestions how I can advance the update?


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Recent Download added unwanted photo display to my screen, how to remove them

I am annoyed that we are getting unwanted material in downloads from Microsoft.  Just about a few days ago, there was a new download and since then my computer screen opens with a variety of photo displays. How can I remove that nuisance?

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Shift Key Problems


I recently discovered a problem with my Keyboard. 

I can’t make letters like these: á é í ö ó ü ú ë ï è ê ô etc… anymore.

Whenever I try to make, for example, the letter   ö   I use this common combination of keys: ‘shift’ + ” + o. 

But all I get is this:    “o

How do I get this function to work again?

I have an acer laptop, using windows 8 (.1   I don’t know for sure)

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windows 10 page size changing

Hi. My pages keep changing sizes. I am frequently changing the page magnification to default size. It varies from -75% to 175%. Have gone into settings to try to correct this but it still keeps on doing it. Slowly driving  me mad. Anyone have any clues
out there? I find it hard to imagine I am the only one with this problem. Thanks for reading this. Tom.

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