Forgot Live Mail Login Password-Windows Live Mail Support

Learn How To Recover Live Mail Login Password.

In this article we are going to tell you How can you easily fix live mail login password and How can you easily recover live mail login password. If you are still facing any problem while recovering your account you can ask a question in our support community forum.

Forgot Live Mail Login Password.

If you are using Hotmail/Outlook/Live Mail Account and you forgot live mail login password so in this article we will cover How can you solve window live mail login problem’s with all Microsoft Account’s such forgot Hotmail Password,

Learn How To Reset Live Mail Login Password.

In this topic we will cover how can you easily fix Live Mail Login Password Problem’s. Windows Live Mail Come’s with four types of Domain Outlook, Live Mail, Hotmail and Live.Com and in this article we will are going to tell you How Can you easily recover live mail password.

Step by Step Guide To Recover Live Mail Lost Account

Step 1 First Please Visit

Step 2 On the login screen please click on the forgot my password option.

Step 3 On the Forgot my Password page you will see three radio button option’s.

  • I forgot my password
  • I know my password but i can not sign in
  • I think someone else is using my account.


Forgot Live Mail Login Password


Forgot Live Mail Password

Step 1 If you just forgot your password then you need  please select the I Forgot my password from the Button’s

Step 2 Then please fill the verification code and click next and Continue.

Step 3  In the next step you will asked for how do you want to recover your account 

  • Recovery By Email
  • Recovery By Phone


Recover Live Mail Password

Recover Live Mail Account Via Email :

Once you fill the account recovery forum in next step you will asked for how do you want to recover you email by phone or by email please select the Email option’s.Once you select that option an recovery email will sent on your email that you registered during sign up. If you do not set up any email then please choose second option.Recover live mail account via phone.

Reset Window Live Email Account


Step 1 Open the email that you have registered during the account sign up process.

Step 2 Check the account recover email in inbox or in spam folder.

Step 3 Open the email and there will be an account recovery link option.

Step 4 Click on the link and that will be opened in new window.

Step 5  Then please enter your new password or click on the conform password.

Step 6 Go to windows live mail again and open your account with new password.

Recovery Live Mail Password By Phone

Forgot Live Mail Email Account Password Help Me To Reset My Password

If email recovery option link is not working then you need to choose secondary option that is recover live mail account with phone.It is simple and easy step to reset your password via phone.

Step 1 Please select Live Mail Recovery by Phone.

Step 2 In the account recovery box please conform your mobile phone,

Step 3  Fill the security form and then click on Reset Password.

Step 4 In next step you will asked for conformation code.

Step 5 Select your conformation code via phone or sms.

Step 6 Then Open your Mobile and enter 6 digit conformation field in box.

Live Mail Account Password Recovery If You Do Not have Email Address Or Password.

If you have forgotten your Email Or Phone to recover your account then you can select third option that is for I do not have any account access to both. In that case Microsoft will ask some account question’s to solve your problem.If you entered your information correctly then within next few days you will get an Email from support conformation team related to your concern.

Restore My Email Account via Phone

That is how you can easily recover your live mail login password. If in case you do not get a conformation code then you need to choose third option that is  I do not have Email or Phone to recover my account in that case you need to fill a separate forum to exactly match your details. If your entered information is corrected then you will get a separate conformation link in the your new email address within 24 hour’s.

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