Windows Live Mail Support Number

Windows Live Mail Support

About Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is a free email client software that is designed by Microsoft Operating system.It is completely free software by Microsoft that you can easily  download windows essential to download Windows Live Mail  from And That Can Be Downloaded From Microsoft.


The Software was firstly introduced in 2006 and from now it is having it’s 12th version If can be used for all web-based email account’s such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail Etc.

General Feature’s 

  • It is a free Account and it support almost all Email Client’s Such As Gmail, Yahoo, AOL Etc.
  • It is having a nice and clear interference that is very easy to use
  • It is Come Up With Contact Synchronization Technology with the help of that you can synchronize all email’s.
  • It  Support RSS and news feed so that you can subscribe any news channel and windows live mail will take that for you.
  • It is Provide Multiple Text And Message’s Layout Option That Can Be Basic To Advance.
  • It is Also Provide Emotion’s And Image Filter Option’s
  • It is having Option with the help of that you can easily check you spelling and Grammar Mistake.
  • It is provide two separate email inbox system’s for both account IMAP and POP.
  • It will Allow You To Send And Receive Text Message’s with Image’s,Photo and Video’s.It is also provide html box so you can also design your message’s according to your size.

Support For Windows Live Mail

We provide 24*7 Free Third Party Technical support for Windows Live Mail to solve all problem’s related to your email client such as login problem’s, Email sign up problem, Email configuration problem, problem’s creating a email’s back up, Email account got hacked or compromised. Our Dedicated support team is always ready to help you for all of your email related issue or problem’s

General Problem’s with Windows Live Mail

  • Account Set Up Problem
  • Enable To Update Or Upgrade Account Setting’s.
  • Email Configuration Error’s
  • Sending And Receiving Error’s.
  • Problem’s While Setting Up Pop or Imap Setting’s
  • Incoming and Outgoing server port problem
  • Enable To Login Into Account
  • Can Not Able To Send Or Receive Email
  • Creating A Email Back Up Problem’s
  • Proxy Server is Blocking your account

How To Contact Windows Live Mail ?

Existing Customer as well as new customer can easily contact the company for technical support and for any other help. Any one can easily contact for support using Microsoft support forums from Microsoft website. If you are looking for Windows Live Mail Support then only Microsoft support forums is the best option to get help but if you looking for any phone support through windows live mail then it is very difficult because Microsoft is only has forums option to support. If you are not able to find the correct forums for your support you can also ask a question on  Microsoft website that is openly running website that is mostly run by people’s like us. Still If you are not able to find the solution for your problem then you can also contact third party windows live mail technical support like us.

Two Ways to Contact Windows Live Mail Support

Method 1. Using Microsoft Support Forums 

Windows live Mail provide support through forums and with the help of that you can always ask a question or search your answer for problem’s. It is easy once you post your question on there community than it will be reviewed by Microsoft staff and then it is widely speared our Microsoft Communication network member’s.Once it is separated our the network then any Microsoft network member’s can you give the solution. General problem with this kind of solution is it will take some time to get solution it can be some day’s to some month. If you want instant support for windows live mail than go and choose third party “windows live mail technical support.”

Windows Live Mail Support Forums Link Address:


Method 2 .Windows Live Mail Third Party Technical Phone,Email & Chat Support.

Phone: 1-828-668-2992

  • How to reach a live person:
    • Just hang on the line until someone picks up. There will be about 20 seconds of no sound on the line after they say the last option, but someone will pick up.
  • Hours of Operation:
    • 24/7
  • Email:
  • Chat link:
    •  You can also chat with our representative to.solve problem
      Click here chat.
  • Chat Timings:
    • Only 9 a.m – 5 p.m ( C.S.T)
  • Note:
    • If you are living outside United State’s or Canada then Please Click here to request a call back.


How To Use Windows Live Mail 

In this article we are going to tell you How can you use Windows Live Mail in your computer. The software provide’s basic and advance option’s in this article we are going to tell you How can you easily use software from basic to advance.

Step 1 Once your software using shortcut menu once your software is open it’s look’s like that.


Windows Live Mail Support Number
Step 2 To Add a new Email Account Please Click On The Account Tab From The Top.


How To Add Account
Step 3 :  Once your account is open please then please click on add email option.


How to add account

Step 4 : Then Please enter your email address, password and description in the field.
Windows Live Mail Support
Step 5 : Once your email is successfully added then you will see get this message.
After Successfully Set Up
Step 6 : Then click on the Home button and you will get this message Microsoft is sync your account it will take some time.
Windows Live Mail Support
Step 7 : After successfully account set up you can able to see your email’s.
See your Inbox
Step 8 : Then Click on the top link that says email message’s to send an email.
How To Send An Email
Step 9 : In email send box you can able to send your message  for that please enter your Subject, Text if you want to send any attachment then please click on it and send.
Windows Live Mail Support
This is How you can able to use your account if you are facing any problem while doing this please contact our customer service support department on the given information.


How To Create a Template For Email Message’s.

If you want to make your appearance good and smooth then this article is for you.In this article we are going to tell how can you change or Create template for you inbox and outlook. If you love to send regular Email Message’s on same group of people than you can create a template on your account for free of cost.

You can create a template message for free cost and as many as that what you want for different different purpose.

Learn How To Create A Template Message.

Step 1 Open Your Mail Box and start a new email message then you will see your details where you can enter your Email, Subject, CC, BCC HTML box etc.

Step 2 Enter the stuff in your HTML box that you want to use for daily purpose such as your signature, your company’s details Etc

Suppose You want to create your newsletter or email format that you regularly sent to many peoples or groups make and add heading’s into that.

Step 3  Once everything is complete then please press F 12 from your keyboard and then same this file format in the form of .eml in your desktop.

Now if every time you open this file then you will see this page as a template where you just need to put different email’s and that’s how you can easily send email without writing it again and again.

Important News For Windows Live Mail 2012 user’s

After June 2016, Windows Live Mail will no longer synchronize your email account’s that is provided by of some security reason’s so if your domain end’s with,,  they will not receive synchronize, so then you will no longer able to send or receive any email from

Why This is Happening ?

Outlook is going to upgrade there security feature’s that will enhance outlook performance, Speed, security and that advance technology is not available in 2012 version.So once your account is upgraded to new then you will no longer able to send or receive email from your client software.

But still you can able to use your email account on web-browser such as in Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome Etc where you can easily access your email’s.

Solution For This Problem 

As we already know Windows live Mail Support there basic function’s POP, IMAP and Outlook/Windows live Synchronize. So if you are connected as POP, IMAP setting’s then you will do not face any problem while using your email but if you are connected as Outlook Synchronize technique then you need to switch your account settings to Pop/IMAP.

Learn How To Set Up Email In Windows Live Mail.